How much will The Blueprint For Lifetime income cost?

This can vary depending amount the amount of work involved and the resources needed to put together your plan. Most often the cost will be in the $400 – $1,500 range.

For more complex planning I do occasionally charge more than this. After getting to know you and getting a sense for the planning that will be involved during the 30 minute chat I will be able to give you an exact cost.

I know many advisors will offer planning services for free. However, everyone knows that usually the reason they are providing this service for free, is because they are hoping to sell you something later.

I feel by charging a fee for my planning services, it removes any pressure you may feel to move forward with me having me manage your wealth once the plan is complete. If you would like to hire me ongoing that is completely up to you.

If you do choose to partner with me to manage your wealth going forward, I will receive management fees to manage your money. I will give you a credit for the cost of your plan towards the management fees.

What are the fees to work with you on an ongoing basis?

Many people don’t know how this works behind the scenes so let me explain.

As a financial advisor, there are generally three different ways you can structure your business and choose to be compensated. These include: fee only, commission only, or both by fees and commissions.

I would choose to operate as a fee only advisor in a heartbeat if I thought it made sense. I don’t and I will explain.

There are two distinct divisions of my company. There’s the wealth management and investment side and then there is the insurance side.

Investment Management – Fee Only

As an independent fiduciary investment advisor I work with more traditional investment vehicles such as stock, bonds, mutual funds, and ETFs as well as some alternative investments, all within the context of fee-based managed money.

I do not receive commissions on investment trades or transactions, unlike a broker who might get paid when you buy ABC stock. In this case, if they recommend that you sell ABC stock to buy XYZ stock instead, you may wonder: “Are they only doing this to earn a commission on the trades?”

As a fiduciary, I am paid a set fee that is based upon the assets under management. I am not paid any more or any less if and when trades are made. You don’t ever have to worry about a conflict of interest.

The fee you pay is dependent upon the dollar amount invested and the strategies selected as a part of your portfolio and The Blueprint For Lifetime Income™. You will always know exactly what your fees are before you invest and you will be able to see the exact amount of your fees on your monthly statement.

In addition, you have full online access so you can view your account, statements, and transactions any time you like.

Insurance Solutions – Commissions

I also operate as an independent insurance agency. Love it or hate it, we all need insurance, whether it’s for our car, our home or our toys, we all need it. However, I don’t deal with those kinds of insurance.

The types of insurance products I work with include life insurance, disability insurance, long term care insurance and annuities. Additionally, I am completely independent.

For example, If you needed a life insurance policy I would spreadsheet for you all of the top carriers and tell you the good, the bad, the ugly of each so you can make a decision that is right for you. I can then assist you in getting that insurance in place.

Why are you not a fee only advisor?

Some financial professionals have chosen to operate as completely fee only, and will often say that by refusing to accept any commissions it removes all conflicts of interest.

However, there are certain products, such as the insurance products I mentioned above, that the only way an advisor can be compensated on them is through a commission.

For me, if someone needs a life insurance policy or a long-term care policy, I would be doing a disservice by not making the recommendation and helping them get the proper coverage in place.

Can I work with you if I am already working with a financial advisor?

Possibly, but more often than not I don’t recommend it.  Why pay me for my services when you are already paying your existing advisor?  This doesn’t seem to be in your best interest.

Would it make sense to work with you since I am already working with a financial advisor?

Again, usually not. If you are not sure or maybe have some unanswered questions the best thing to do is set up a Free 30 minute chat. If you would like to proceed from there it’s entirely up to you. The people that I find that I can help the most are those that are getting close to retirement. I specialize specifically in needs-based retirement-income cash flow planning for people transitioning into retirement. The Work With Me page goes into more detail on who may be a good fit and who may not.

Where do you meet with clients?

We can either meet in my office in Huntington Beach, CA or virtually through video conferencing and screen share technology. The choice is yours.

How often do you meet with your clients?

At a minimum we need to meet at least once a year to review and address any changes that are going on your life that may warrant us modifying or adjusting your plan. I have some clients that like to meet every six months and I have a few that like to meet every four months. It is up to you how often you would like to meet. I am also available by phone and email. I return all calls and emails usually by the end of the day, but no later than the start of the next day.

Who do you share my information with?

I do not sell or give your information to a third party unless you specifically authorize your permission as a part of the planning process. Your private information is strictly confidential.

Am I giving you control of my assets during the planning process?

No. In the planning process we may aggregate your assets into my planning software so that I can see all your account in one place. However, the aggregation process only allows me to see them. I do not have any control of them.

If I want you to manage my money where will my money be held?

For any investments I use TD Ameritrade as the third party custodian. For insurance, the money will be held and all checks are made out to the specific insurance company that we are using.