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Getting life insurance with problems

Getting Life Insurance With Pre-Existing Conditions

You might be surprised at how often people tell themselves ‘No’ when it comes to life insurance. In many cases, they have already made up their minds that they can’t get life insurance before they meet with me. Some people express worry because they believe they won’t be able to pay their end-of-life bills. Others […]

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Life Insurance Boosts Pension

How the Right Life Insurance Policy Essentially Boosts Your Pension

No, buying a life insurance policy isn’t going to increase your pension benefit checks. But there is a legit strategy for using life insurance as a way to get the most of your pension. Let me share a recent experience with you… Meet Darren and Leigh Darren came to me the other day for advice […]

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Life insurance and tax diversification

Tax Diversification with Life Insurance

When most people think about life insurance, what typically comes to mind is the death benefit. And secondly, how much will I need to pay for a given amount of coverage? What few people realize, however, is that there are certain types of life insurance policies that offer some great living benefits as well. You see, if […]

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Why Life Insurance Matters Most When Times Are Tough

When times get tough, responsible families reevaluate their budgets and trim the fat. But what I often see is that desperate families may view life insurance premiums as unnecessary expenses – at least until matters improve. I understand this thinking. I really do. Your family isn’t receiving the benefits now, so why pay the premiums? Sadly, […]

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