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average vs real rate of return

What is the difference between the Average Rate of Return and the Actual Rate of Return – And Why Should I Care?

I spoke to a lady the other day and for the sake of anonymity, we’ll name her Sarah.  Sarah went to a workshop seminar that was given by a fairly popular figure in the financial world. And I must say, I don’t always agree with his advice. In fact, oftentimes, some of things he says and […]

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Pros and Cons of reverse mortgage

The Pros and Cons of Using a Reverse Mortgage in Retirement

A reverse mortgage can be an important financial tool for seniors concerned that they may not have enough money available to them for retirement. With a reverse mortgage, older homeowners are able to convert part of the equity in their homes into cash, yet still maintain ownership of property. These funds can then be used […]

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Make the most of RMD's from IRA's

What If You Don't Need Your RMD's? Creative Ways to Make the Most of RMDs

You know, 2016 is going to be one of those years many of us will remember for a very long time. We’ve watched the stock market reach record heights, felt our jaws drop when the Brits voted for Brexit, saw Michael Phelps cement his Olympics legacy and the Chicago Cubs break the longest championship drought […]

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Why long-term care insurance can be important

Why Long-term Care Insurance?

Since beginning this blog, I’ve had more than a few requests to address long-term care insurance. So, I think today is as good a day as any to tackle these concerns. Here’s a sampling of the questions I’ve been asked… What exactly does long-term care insurance cover? Do I need it? If so, why do I need […]

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Saving for college

College Tuition: How Much Should You Be Saving?

I was thinking this morning that I hadn’t yet scheduled my annual physical. Sometimes, when we believe we’re doing a good job at something, like taking care of ourselves, we forget to ask an expert’s opinion. After all, I’ve always been an active person. I love hitting the sand for some beach volleyball, and I […]

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Avoid IRA rollover mistakes

Don’t Wreck Your Rollover – Avoid These Costly Mistakes

Let’s face it… for many planning for a comfortable and secure retirement can feel overwhelming at times. But then again, anything worth doing has never been easy, right? There are literally hundreds of complex regulations governing your retirement accounts alone. It breaks my heart whenever I meet people who believe they did everything right, only […]

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