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Avoid IRA rollover mistakes

Don’t Wreck Your Rollover – Avoid These Costly Mistakes

Let’s face it… for many planning for a comfortable and secure retirement can feel overwhelming at times. But then again, anything worth doing has never been easy, right? There are literally hundreds of complex regulations governing your retirement accounts alone. It breaks my heart whenever I meet people who believe they did everything right, only […]

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Social Security and Retirement

Will Social Security Be Around When I Retire?

With presidential candidates out stumping their platforms, you’ve probably noticed Social Security back in the news. As the candidates unveil their visions for America, we are learning more about their positions on – among other things – Social Security. So what better time to revisit a question I’m frequently asked: “Will Social Security be around […]

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What You Must Know About Retirement: Realities vs. Expectations

I want to share a report published late last year by Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies. The study surveyed persons in the workplace and those already in retirement. Transamerica hoped to learn: Do the realities of retirement differ from retirement expectations of those currently in the workforce? Transamerica’s findings were startling. The study revealed a strong disconnect […]

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Why Life Insurance Matters Most When Times Are Tough

When times get tough, responsible families reevaluate their budgets and trim the fat. But what I often see is that desperate families may view life insurance premiums as unnecessary expenses – at least until matters improve. I understand this thinking. I really do. Your family isn’t receiving the benefits now, so why pay the premiums? Sadly, […]

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