National Financial Educators Council

Picture-14The National Financial Educators Council (NFEC) provides financial education solutions to individuals, schools, businesses, families, government and nonprofit organizations around the globe to improve financial literacy.


The NFEC offers comprehensive financial education services including: funding, promotion, education, measurement and programs for individuals. Through our coalition of leading financial literacy organizations that represent the best practices in the industry, the NFEC offers complete solution for almost all financial education needs.


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National Financial Educators Council Curriculum Advisory Board

Certified-Financial-Education-Instructor-150x150Milestone Wealth Management & Insurance Solutions joined the National Financial Educators Council Curriculum Advisory Board. Advisory board members that are approved possess an expert level of knowledge about personal finance topics. They share the NFEC’s desire to improve the financial literacy knowledge of the youth nationwide. Curriculum advisors review small portions of the NFEC’s financial literacy lesson plans. Board members add ideas and comments to assist in refining the high school financial literacy curriculum. Financial professionals, personal finance experts and educators may visit the curriculum advisor board webpage for more information.


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Financial EduNation Campaign

img2The Financial EduNation Campaign was designed to help individuals and organizations develop sustainable financial education outreach initiatives. The social enterprise model helps accomplish personal, financial and philanthropic goals while creating a world where people are informed to make qualified financial decisions that improve their lives.The NFEC’s objective is to position advocates as community leaders—leaders recognized for bringing needed resources and awareness to their communities. The NFEC has trained individuals, financial advisors, educators, nonprofit organizations, authors, concerned citizens, realtors, attorneys, executives, entrepreneurs, and other good people around the world, all of whom share a passion for empowering others with practical money knowledge.
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