What We Do

Milestone Wealth Management is an independent financial services firm providing comprehensive financial and retirement planning services in Southern California.

Dedicated to helping you secure your financial future, we are also committed to being an educational resource for our community.

Your financial coach

We’ve been told more than once that we are like a ‘financial coach.’ And you know what? That’s what we strive to be. We are here to guide you in making smart and informed decisions on a range of financial matters.

What we are not

For instance, we aren’t stock brokers. We aren’t here to sell you the so called ‘latest and greatest’ penny stock off the pink sheets, or anything like that. Sure, we can help you create an investment strategy. Sure, we manage your money. But we do these things in what we believe is a prudent manner, with a defined purpose that is based upon your specific needs, goals, and objectives.

And here is the other thing … it’s not just about investments. We help with the appropriate life, disability, and long term care insurance planning – but only when it is needed and it makes sense.

Then there’s all the other stuff: Should you buy that house? Should you downsize? Need a new car? Buy or lease? What makes most sense? What would your retirement look like if you moved to another state? When should you take Social Security? What else do you need to consider that maybe you haven’t thought about? So many financial issues. So much to think about.

We are passionate about helping our clients prosper, because there is nothing more important than knowing that you, your family and your loved ones are well taken care of now and in the future.

Transparency is a priority

So how do we get paid for what we do?

From an advisor’s standpoint, there are generally three different ways you can structure your business and choose to be compensated. These include: fee only, commission only, or both by fees and commissions. From where I stand, I believe that there is a place and an absolute need for both. Depending on your goals, we can work out what is best for your individual situation. I will always take the time to thoroughly explain any and all aspects of your situation and any potential impact of the decisions we make so that you know exactly what you are getting.

There are two distinct divisions of Milestone Wealth Management

Wealth Management – Fee Only

The first function of our practice is as an independent investment advisor. This is where we work with more traditional investment vehicles such as stock, bonds, mutual funds, and ETFs as well as some alternative investments, all within the context of fee-based managed money.

Through a strategic partnership that we have formed with Brookstone Capital Management, we are able to access their resources and an extensive variety of investment options while still remaining completely independent. We do not receive commissions on investment trades or transactions, unlike a broker who might get paid when you buy XYZ stock. In this case, if they recommend that you sell XYZ stock to buy ABC stock instead, you may wonder: “Are they only doing this to earn a commission on the trades?”

As a fiduciary, we are paid a set fee that is based upon the assets under management. We are not paid any more or any less if and when trades are made. You don’t ever have to worry about a conflict of interest. The fee you pay is dependent upon the dollar amount invested and the strategies selected as a part of your portfolio and your overall financial plan. You will always know exactly what your fees are before you invest and you will be able to see the exact amount of your fees on your monthly statement. In addition, you have full online access so you can view your account, statement and transactions any time you like.

Insurance Solutions – Commissions

Our second division is an independent insurance agency. Love it or hate it, we all need insurance, whether it’s for our car, our home or our toys, we all need it. However, Milestone Wealth Management doesn’t deal with those kinds of insurance … the types of insurance products we work with include life insurance, disability insurance, long term care insurance and annuities. Additionally, we are completely independent, so if you needed a life insurance policy, for example, we would spreadsheet for you all of the top carriers and tell you the good, the bad, the ugly of each so you can make a decision that is right for you. We then assist you in getting that insurance in place.

Some financial professionals have chosen to operate as completely fee only, and will often say that by refusing to accept any commissions it removes all conflicts of interest. However, there are certain products, such as the insurance products we mentioned above, that the only way an advisor can be compensated on them is through a commission. For us, if someone needs a life insurance policy or a long-term care policy, we would be doing a disservice by not making the recommendation and helping them get the proper coverage in place.

Truthfully: with a cohesive financial plan, we believe there is a place for both investment as well as insurance solutions.

This is why you should choose Milestone Wealth Management & Insurance Solutions. Browse our services or call us today, and let’s get you started on that road towards a healthy financial future.